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AAMC – Altisource Asset Management Corp

Not Compliant

Altisource Asset Management Corp is not Shariah Compliant because of its involvement in Interest-based finance and related activities.

Altisource Asset Management Corporation is an alternative lending company that provides liquidity and capital to underserved markets. The Company has created the Alternative Lending Group (ALG) and focuses on pursuing an opportunity related to crypto ATMs. ALG’s primary focus is on mortgage banking activities generated through the origination and acquisition of loans and their subsequent sale or securitization as well as net interest income from loans. Its principal offices are located in the United States Virgin Islands, and it also has operations in the United States and India, through its subsidiaries, AAMC US, Inc., and Finsight Business Solutions Private Limited. Its other subsidiaries include Altisource Consulting S.a r.l, NewSource Reinsurance Company Ltd., AAMC CM WY, LLC, AAMC EBO Fund Holdings, LLC, AAMC GP, LLC, and Grapetree Lending LLC, among others.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)99.32
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC348.46