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ABBV – Abbvie Inc


The company is Shariah Compliant, according to AAOIFI methodology.

AbbVie Inc. is a diversified research-based biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, commercialization and sale of medicines and therapies. It offers products in therapeutic categories, including immunology products, which include Humira, Skyrizi and Rinvoq; oncology products, which include Imbruvica and Venclexta/Venclyxto; aesthetics products that include Botox Cosmetic, The Juvederm Collection of Fillers and others; neuroscience products, such as Botox Therapeutic, Vraylar, Duopa and Duodopa, and Ubrelvy; eye care products, which consists of Lumigan/Ganfort, Alphagan/Combigan and Restasis, and other key products, which include Mavyret/Maviret, Creon, Lupron, Linzess/Constella and Synthroid. Its products are sold to wholesalers, distributors, government agencies, health care facilities, and more. The Company, through Mitokinin, Inc., offers a lead compound, PINK1 activator, designed to address mitochondrial dysfunction.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)24.85
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC0.11
Impure Income (incl. Interest)1.11
Impure Income%
Interest Income1.11%