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ATMU – Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc


Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc is Shariah Compliant.

Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc. is engaged in filtration and media solutions. The Company designs and manufactures advanced filtration products, principally under the Fleetguard brand, that enable lower emissions and provide superior asset protection. It serves customers across truck, bus, agriculture, construction, mining, marine and power generation vehicle, and equipment markets, along with providing comprehensive aftermarket support and solutions. Its products include fuel filters, lube filters, air filters, crankcase ventilation, hydraulic filters and coolants and other chemicals. It offers products for first fit and aftermarket applications to original equipment manufacturers, dealers/distributors, and end-users. The Company produces and sells Fleetguard branded products in over 140 countries, including countries in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Fleetguard branded products are available through distribution centers worldwide.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)12.85
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC
Impure Income (incl. Interest)
Impure Income%
Interest Income%