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BNED – Barnes & Noble Education Inc

Not Compliant

The company is not compliant as it fails the financial ratios.

Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. is a contract operator of physical and virtual for college and university campuses and K-12 institutions across the United States. The Company is also a textbook wholesaler, inventory management hardware and software providers, and provider of digital education solutions. The Company operates through three segments: Retail, Wholesale and Digital Student Solutions (DSS). The Retail segment operates approximately 1,406 college, university and K-12 school bookstores, consist of approximately 793 physical bookstores and 613 virtual bookstores. The Wholesale segment sources, sells and distributes new and used textbooks to approximately 3,100 physical bookstores, including its Retail Segment’s physical bookstores and sources and distributes new and used textbooks to its virtual bookstores. DSS segment includes direct-to-student products and services to assist students to study more effectively and improve academic performance.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)310.91
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC