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CF – CF Industries Holdings Inc


CF Industries Holdings Inc is Shariah Compliant.

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. is a manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products. It owns and operates eight nitrogen manufacturing facilities in North America, including six nitrogen manufacturing facilities in the United States, and two in Canada. Its segments include Ammonia, Granular Urea, UAN, AN and Other. The Ammonia segment produces anhydrous ammonia (ammonia), which is the base product that it manufactures, containing 82% nitrogen and 18% hydrogen. The results of its Ammonia segment consist of sales of ammonia to external customers for its nitrogen content as a fertilizer, in emissions control and in other industrial applications. The Granular Urea segment produces granular urea, which contains 46% nitrogen. Granular urea is produced at its Donaldsonville, Port Neal, and Medicine Hat complexes. The UAN segment produces urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN). The AN segment produces ammonium nitrate. Its Other segment includes diesel exhaust fluid, urea liquor, and nitric acid.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)19.33
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC2.19