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CRL – Charles River Laboratories International Inc


The company is Shariah Compliant, according to AAOIFI methodology.

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. is a full service, non-clinical contract research company. The Company provides research models required in research and development of new drugs, devices, and therapies. The Company operates through three segments: Research Models and Services (RMS), Discovery and Safety Assessment (DSA), and Manufacturing Solutions (Manufacturing). The RMS segment includes the research models, research model services, and research and cells solutions businesses. The DSA segment provides regulated and non-regulated DSA services to support the research, development, and regulatory-required safety testing of potential new drugs, including therapeutic discovery and optimization plus in vitro and in vivo studies, laboratory support services, and strategic non-clinical consulting and program management to support product development. The Manufacturing segment includes Microbial Solutions and Biologics Solutions (Biologics).


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)25.17
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC0.01
Impure Income (incl. Interest)0.13
Impure Income%
Interest Income0.13%