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LAW – CS Disco Inc


The company is Shariah Compliant, according to AAOIFI methodology.

CS Disco, Inc. builds artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software platform, which enterprises, law firms, legal services providers and governments use for e-discovery, legal document review and case management in a variety of legal matters, ranging from litigation to investigations to compliance to diligence. The Company’s solution enables legal departments to collect, process and review enterprise data, which is relevant to legal matters. Its cloud-native architecture and AI models automatically identify legally relevant documents and improve the accuracy and speed of legal document review. Its solution includes DISCO Ediscovery, DISCO Review and DISCO Case Builder. DISCO Ediscovery automates the e-discovery process. DISCO Review is an AI-powered document review, which delivers legal document reviews. Through DISCO Case Builder, legal professionals build a compelling case by offering a place to search, organize and review witness testimony and other important legal data.


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