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ELMD – Electromed Inc


The company is Shariah Compliant, according to AAOIFI methodology.

Electromed, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets airway clearance products. The Company applies High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) technologies in pulmonary care for patients of all ages. It markets SmartVest Airway Clearance System (SmartVest System) which includes SmartVest SQL and SV2100 and related products, to patients with compromised pulmonary function. The SmartVest System features a programmable air pulse generator, a therapy garment worn over the upper body and a connecting hose, which together provide safe airway clearance therapy. The SmartVest SQL is smaller, quieter and lighter with programmability and ease of use. It offers SmartVest SQL with SmartVest Connect wireless technology. The SmartVest Connect app allows patients and healthcare teams to track therapy in real-time and collaborate on care decisions to improve therapy adherence and patient outcomes. It also offers single patient use (SPU) SmartVest and SmartVest Wrap to health care providers.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)0
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC
Impure Income (incl. Interest)0.19
Impure Income%
Interest Income0.19%

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