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GRC – Gorman-Rupp Co

Not Compliant

The company is not compliant as it fails the financial ratios.

The Gorman-Rupp Company designs, manufactures and sells pumps and pump systems for use in water, wastewater, construction, dewatering, industrial, petroleum, original equipment, agriculture, fire protection, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, military and other liquid-handling applications. It sells to about 130 countries around the world. Its product line consists of pump models ranging in size from 1/4 to nearly 15 feet and ranging in rated capacity from less than one gallon per minute to nearly one million gallons per minute. The types of pumps, which it produces include self-priming centrifugal, standard centrifugal, magnetic drive centrifugal, axial and mixed-flow, vertical turbine line shaft, submersible, high-pressure booster, rotary gear, rotary vein, diaphragm, bellows and oscillating. Its pumps have drives that range from 1/35 horsepower electric motors up to larger electric motors or internal combustion engines capable of producing several thousand horsepower.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)68.78
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC

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