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IX – ORIX Corp

Not Compliant

ORIX Corp is not Shariah Compliant because of its involvement in Consumer Lending (NEC) and related activities.

ORIX Corp is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the provision of diversified financial services. The Company operates through ten business segments: Corporate Sales/Maintenance Lease, Real Estate, Banking and Credit, Business Investment/Concession, Environmental Energy, Insurance, Banking and Credit, Transportation Equipment, ORIX USA, ORIX Europe, and Asia/Australia. The Corporate Sales/Maintenance Lease segment engages in the finance and commission business, and the leasing and rental of automobiles, electronic measuring instruments, IT-related equipment. The Real Estate segment engages in the development, lease, management, facility operation and asset management of real estate. The Environmental Energy segment engages in domestic and overseas renewable energy, electric power retailing, energy saving services, solar panels and storage batteries sales, waste disposal. The Company is also engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of cosmetics and health foods.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)156.79
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC188.62
Impure Income (incl. Interest)11.02
Impure Income%
Interest Income11.02%

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