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KRO – Kronos Worldwide Inc

Not Compliant

Kronos Worldwide Inc is not Shariah Compliant because it fails the financial ratios.

Kronos Worldwide, Inc. is a producer and marketer of value-added titanium dioxide pigments (TiO2), a base industrial product used in a range of applications. The Company, along with its distributors and agents, sell and provide technical services for its products to customers in 100 countries with sales in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region. The Company manufactures and sells iron-based chemicals, which are co-products and processed co-products of sulfate and chloride process TiO2 pigment production. These co-product chemicals are marketed through its Ecochem division and are primarily used as treatment and conditioning agents for industrial effluents and municipal wastewater as well as in the manufacture of iron pigments, cement and agricultural products. The Company manufactures and sells other specialty chemicals, which are side-stream products from the production of TiO2. These specialty chemicals are used in applications in the formulation of pearlescent pigments.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)32.62
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC0.16

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