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NGS – Natural Gas Services Group Inc

Not Compliant

Natural Gas Services Group Inc is not Shariah Compliant because it fails the financial ratios.

Natural Gas Services Group, Inc. is a provider of natural gas compression equipment and services to the energy industry. The Company manufactures, fabricates, rents, sells and maintains natural gas compressors and flare systems for oil and natural gas production and plant facilities. It manufactures a line of compressor frames, cylinders, and parts, known as its Cylinder-in-Plane (CiP) product line. It uses finished CiP component products in the fabrication of compressor units for sale or rental by the Company or sells the finished component products to other compressor fabricators. It also designs, fabricates, sells, installs, and services, flat stacks, and related ignition and control devices for onshore and offshore incineration of gas compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gases. In addition, it provides service and maintenance on compressors in its fleet and to third parties. It also performs engine and compressor overhauls.


Debt ÷ Market cap (MC)52.29
Non-Compliant Assets ÷ MC

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